Freezer 3D engine released

A few weeks after having released the retrostation ps3 demo, and after having done massive cleanup, autotools setup and written a small set of sample programs, I now release the 3D engine and animation system of retrostation, in the form of a library package, whose codename is "Freezer".

Freezer is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License

The Freezer source code is on Github. If you want to contribute, please get in touch with me. My e-mail address is in the README file of the package.


1. On 21/05/2010, 01:30 by Jonathan

Thanks for sharing!

2. On 22/05/2010, 08:58 by asdf

Freezer and Cell from DragonBall? Cool!! :)

3. On 27/05/2010, 11:47 by RCL


4. On 05/06/2010, 17:32 by jonak

Your code is really great.
The world should praise you more.