"retrostation" demo released !

I am very proud to announce the release of my PS3 demo called retrostation.

I know it is a bit late compared to sony's decision to completely remove the Install Other OS functionality from the new firmware release of latest April 1st. However, I started this project more than two years ago, so I definitely wouldn't stop this until it is done. I also know about people who still haven't updated their system, because they are aware of what they will lose, so this is a way to show them what they can do with a ps3 system, even without hardware 3D acceleration.

The demo is an animation of different kinds of 3D objects. Some of these have been designed by Mic of Dune, who did a really good job. Others are coming from old Atari ST demos. I let you try and find out from which demos they come from ! Objects of the last kind are algorithmically generated: blobs and text in separately-animated pieces.

The music has been composed by Dma-Sc of Sector One, who also did a great job in the final design of the whole animation. I personally also use my own demoscene nickname in the demo, which is Zerkman of Sector One.

The demo runs on any PS3 system with a linux OS installed on it. It runs in framebuffer mode. Ensure you set the screen mode to 720p 1280*720, and disabled the Xorg server before running the demo.

I hope you'll like the demo as much as I liked making it.

The entry on the pouët.net website is here. From there, you can download a binary version of the demo, as well as a video of the demo (HD 720p, 60 fps).


1. On 09/05/2010, 21:00 by Miles Prower

Congratulations for your hard work!

2. On 12/05/2010, 15:10 by deckers

YOU ARE GREAT! I respect you!

3. On 18/05/2010, 01:05 by Dhassault

Impressionnant! Joli boulot :)

4. On 19/05/2010, 02:11 by Dhassault

En fait ça marche pas chez moi (ubuntu 10.04 PS3).
Quand j'arrive sur l'écran de connexion d'ubuntu je passe en mode console, là j'envoie ./main_ps3fb et j'ai des "unsupported poly type:0" pour enfin avoir "Insufficient number of frames". Une idée?

5. On 19/05/2010, 07:27 by RCL

Only watched a video so far, but I like it :-) Congrats & respect!

Will download and watch on real hw (yeah, Sony, I still run YDL on your hardware).

6. On 19/05/2010, 10:33 by ouasse

Dhassault, vérifie qu'il ne manque pas certains fichiers .off dans les sous répertoires "data" et "tools/font".

Pour l'erreur "Insufficient number of frames" c'est dû au fait, soit que tu ne lances pas la démo en 720p (ps3-video-mode -m 1699), soit que ton kernel n'alloue pas assez de ram pour le framebuffer (ajoute l'option "ps3fb=8M" à la ligne de commande du kernel dans /etc/kboot.conf)

7. On 21/05/2010, 00:10 by Dhassault

Merci pour les infos, tout ce que tu a dis était vrai (je ne m'etais même pas rendu compte pour le 720p!).
En revanche ça ne marche toujours pas, j'ai un joli écran noir après avoir lancé sudo ./main_ps3fb