A realtime Mandelbrot fractal zoomer for PS3

I made a fractal zoomer on the mandelbrot set for the jailbroken Playstation 3. All the computations are done using the SPU's of the Cell processor. The generator is able to render more than 10 frames per second, and for some parts of the Mandelbrot set the framerate can achieve 60 fps ;)

It works as an installable package, to be installed from USB storage via the "Install Package" game menu option of jailbroken PS3's.

Use the analog sticks to scroll and zoom, then you can make a screenshot using the "square" button. Screenshot images are stored to USB storage. Use the "start" button to reset the original settings, and hit "cross" to exit. Enjoy !

A realtime Mandelbrot fractal zoomer for PS3

A realtime Mandelbrot fractal zoomer for PS3

Visit the prod page on pouët.net

See a demonstration video on YouTube

Browse the source code on GitHub


1. On 26/01/2011, 23:34 by Disane

Very nice :)

2. On 27/01/2011, 00:21 by Disane

Here are some more picks when needed:


The app works on both JB/ed and Debug PS3s.
Enjoy people :)

3. On 27/01/2011, 14:01 by MaLDiTo_TeXuGo

This is very interest work!
I didnt know that can program SPUs using PS1Light. Did you use libspe2?
I wrote a code to zooming the Mandelbrot, but I wrote it to run on ps3 linux.
Will you publish the source code?

Nice work by the way! :-)

4. On 27/01/2011, 17:25 by naehrwert

heh i really love this thing :)

5. On 30/01/2011, 21:03 by jebuscfw

Can anyone sign this for waninkoko cfw 3.55?
please please! I cant install it, I tried with the pkg alredy signed for cfw geo but fail.

6. On 07/02/2011, 09:15 by ouasse

@MaLDiTo_TeXuGo: Yes you can program SPEs using PSL1GHT. I wrote some sample programs for it, which now have been merged on the PSL1GHT tree. The source code is now publicly available. I Hope it'll help ;)

7. On 07/06/2011, 06:56 by MaLDiTo_TeXuGo

I tried to compile your code on evilsperm`s VM with PSL1GHT, but I dont quite get it yet.
When I tried to compile, it asks for Some rules $PSL1GHT/host/ppu.mk, but, this directory doesnt exist.
I saw this rules (ppu.mk and spu.mk) on AerialX's ps3chain, but I cant get it installed :(
That would be nice if you can point me some directions, Id like to program spus again.

8. On 19/08/2011, 08:04 by ouasse
Just updated the code, now it compiles fine with PSL1GHT v2.