Why this server ?

There are many reasons for using a home server instead of using the services of free web hosts.

In fact, some internet actors are constantly warning about internet services to be more and more centralized. At its origin, all internet actors were both clients and servers. Now, most internet actors are users, expecting some services to be provided from web hosts, mail hosts, video hosts, photo hosts, and a significantly growing trend lets people communicate through closed social networks.

Not only this is a problem for privacy, but this encourages internet providers to provide asymetric accesses like ADSL (yep, `A' stands for ``asymetric'') for instance. And this also encourages our dear governments to consider most internet users as potential pirates, as most internet accesses bandwidth is used for file sharing (at least that is what they think). I have bought bandwidth, so I am decided to use it !

Technical details

So, basically the server is a dedicated nettop PC with a Intel Atom processor and 2 GB of RAM, running a Debian GNU/Linux Lenny system.

The web server is Apache, and the database server is PostgreSQL. The blog system uses the Dotclear PHP application. It does not yet handle personal e-mail, but I really intend to let it handle it aswell.

Stay tuned for the upcoming series of articles dealing with home web hosting.